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PEPnet UK is an Eritrean Whatsapp community designed to provide a platform for information sharing, advice, opportunities, and upcoming events, amongst its members.


We hope that as PEPnet grows, it will be a valuable resource for the community and provide mutual support and empowerment. While this group is primarily for Eritreans in the UK, we warmly invite non-Eritreans to join as well.

Join PEPnet

Click HERE to join PEPnet

You can also invite friends and family after you've joined PEPnet, or by sharing the link below

PEPnet Community Rules

As a member of the PEPnet Whatsapp community group you are expected to respect the following community rules:

• Be respectful and courteous to all members. No personal attacks, bullying, or harassment will be tolerated

• If you have a disagreement, address it privately and respectfully. No naming and shaming of professionals, businesses or individuals

• No spamming, offensive or inappropriate language, images, or videos

• Please post content in the appropriate sub-groups

• Refrain from sharing false or misleading information

• Advertising illegal substances, stolen, or counterfeit goods is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban

• Strictly no religious or political content or discussion, as the PEPnet UK Whatsapp group is a non-partisan platform

• English is the primary language of communication in the groups, but you’re welcome to communicate in Eritrean languages too

• PEPnet offers shared experience, not necessarily professional expertise. For medical, legal or financial advice, Please always consult a qualified professional

• PEPnet holds no liability whatsoever pertaining to any actions or transactions or advice taken within or resulting from this community

• Non-compliance with these rules may lead to your post being deleted, a warning issued, or removal from the community, based on the severity and frequency of the offence

• Upon joining the community, all members are in agreement to all of the above points

• We reserve the right to permanently remove anyone who does not comply to our community values of respect, privacy and kindness


For any questions, feedback, or support, please email

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