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The Professional Eritrean Platform (PEP) was founded in June 2018 by a group of students and working professionals. The platform hopes to create opportunities for members of the Eritrean community and friends to network in both professional and social settings and runs a number of events.


The PEP community is a place where both aspiring and working professionals can come together to share experiences, exchange knowledge and build connections. PEP is currently based in London, UK and is a non-partisan organisation. It does not have any affiliations with any political or religious groups. 


Our mission is to create a platform for people to engage, network and share resources to build a stronger community.

We have three main pillars at PEP that underpin the key aims of the organisation:

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Providing insight and information into career options and opportunities


Creating a space for people to connect and share resources


Building a sense of community amongst the diaspora


Our long term vision is to build a global community where members of the Eritrean diaspora and friends can engage in order to inspire, uplift and learn from each other.


We are a volunteer-led organisation and every donation goes toward ensuring we can operate and run events. Support PEP's mission and vision through your contribution by clicking here.

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