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Business Feature: ZEYADA

Zeyada is a bespoke and sustainable online gift store offering traditionally inspired greeting cards and stickers inspired by Eritrean and Ethiopian culture founded by Yorsalem Feseha in 2020.

Yorsalem: I originally started the businesses when I realised I wanted to gift my friends and family cards that they could relate with however, found it really difficult to find any.

I began with selling Birthday and Christmas greeting cards and further expanded our range to commemorate more special occasions, such as Mothers Day and Eid, ensuring all of our customers can find that special something they’re looking for.

The aim at Zeyada is to create representation through celebrating art tied with our cultural roots and intertwine it with a bit of a modern feel. With a plastic free approach, Zeyada will continue to expand our range and offer a one stop shop for all gifts.

You can find them on Instagram @Zeyadaltd

Shop their products! Click here.

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