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The PEP Talks Podcast was launched in August 2020 with the aim of spotlighting members of the Eritrean community and their individual journeys.


In the first series, you will hear from some speakers who are trailblazers in their respective fields, turning their ideas into reality. We talk to members of the community about their personal and professional journeys and the lessons they've learnt so far, as well as some feature episodes on personal development topics that we hope everyone can take  something away from.

All episodes are available to stream on: 


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Episode 1 - The Pilot

The PEP team co-leads Harena and Liah introduce how PEP came into existence including their individual inspirations, the antics of the first event and what to expect from the rest of the series in the podcasts pilot episode. 

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Episode 3 - Innovation and Art Using Technology ft. Samer Dabra aka Spongenuity

In this episode, Liah from the PEP Team talks with Samer a lead software engineer and generative artist based in the UK. Samer discusses his journey in becoming a software engineer and how he used those skills as well as his interest in design to create intricate algorithmically generated art installations and portraits. You can find Samer's work via Instagram @spongenuity and his website.

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Episode 5 - Motherhood and entrepreneurship ft. Elsabel Yemane

In this episode, Milena from the PEP team talks with Elsabel about her journey to launching her swimwear and nutrition brand, BአHRI, whilst juggling her responsibilities as a mother. Find out more about BአHRI and shop via the website here. You can also find BአHRI on Instagram at @bahrishop and @bahrimoss.

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Episode 7 - From Lawyer to fashion-brand founder ft. Banna Girmay

In this episode, Liah from the PEP team talks with Banna about how she transitioned from a career in Law and Consultancy to launching her own fashion brand, Mama Banna. Follow Mama Banna on IG via @mamabanna and shop through the website.

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Episode 9 - The tools to building your career ft. Efrem Fesshaie 

In this episode, Liah from the PEP Team talks with Efrem about the tools and attitude he has developed which have helped him in paving his career. Efrem has worked through the corporate world to become head of technology in a global corporation leading teams in Asia, Europe and North America. He has worked in a diverse range of industries such as Automotive, Banking and Oil and Gas. He credits a large part of his success to the work experiences gained at an early age in the various part time jobs; from market stalls to call centres. You can connect with Efrem on LinkedIn.

Episode 2 - Academia and Beyond ft. Dr Mikal Woldu

In this episode, Milena from the PEP Team speaks with Dr Mikal Woldu, an anthropologist who recently completed her PhD at SOAS University of London. In this episode, Mikal discusses her academic journey to achieving her PhD and both the personal and professional challenges she faced along the way. You can connect with Mikal via Instagram at @mikal_miki and find out more about her mental health advocacy work with @eriwellbeing.


Episode 4 - How to master LinkedIn ft. Arsema Fessehazion

In this episode, Harena from the PEP team talks with Arsema about how about how to make the most of LinkedIn. Arsema is a London-based recruitment consultant operating within the financial and technology markets in the UK. She shares some of her top tips on how you can elevate your LinkedIn profile and job hunting efforts. You can connect with Arsema via her LinkedIn profile

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Episode 6 - Why we should all consider investing ft. Matt Gebre

In this episode, Harena from the PEP team talks with Matt Gebre, who founded Habesha Finance to help people build wealth and ultimately achieve financial independence. In this episode he shares some tips on how we can all start to invest for our futures. Learn more about Habesha Finance through the website and check out Matt's Youtube videos and podcast series. 

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Episode 8 - Building habits for success ft. Ruthie Zerai

In this episode, Harena from the PEP team talks with Ruthie about the habits she has developed for her own career and personal success. Ruthie is a writer, digital media expert, self-development coach and also one of two co-founders of Eriwellbeing, an organisation which helps to promote mental health and wellness in the Eritrean community & beyond. To learn more about Ruthie check out her website and follow Eriwellbeing on IG via @Eriwellbeing.

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Episode 10 - The Finale 

In the Series Finale, the PEP team come together to reflect back on the episodes, topics discussed and what they have taken away from these conversations.

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our speakers for generously giving us their time, and to our listeners for tuning in to the podcast - we hope you've enjoyed it!

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